3 Big Reasons You Should be Investing in Content Marketing Right Now

Content marketing- it’s the buzzword of the moment. It’s what everyone is talking about, and it seems like every business claims to be doing content marketing these days. But what does content marketing really mean? And has your company been taking advantage of content marketing opportunities?

Content Marketing is the backbone of your content strategy. It should be a fundamental tool for any company, and content marketers are some of the most sought after professionals in today’s job market. But why? What makes content marketing so valuable to business owners? Read on for three reasons why you should be investing in content marketing right now.

1) Content Marketing Builds Trust woman shaking hands with another person

If you’re a customer looking for information on different products and services, there are two ways that you can find this information. You could go online or ask someone who has used those products or services before.

Content marketing positions your brand as a trusted guide rather than a salesperson and begins developing a relationship with your prospective customer that puts you top of mind in their decision-making process.

2) Content Marketing Gives People Something Useful

The best content marketers know how to provide valuable content that people will be interested in.

It’s content that is helpful and valuable to people, not just content being pushed on them with no benefit for themselves. Content marketing gives people something useful for their own needs, whether it’s advice on how to fix their water heater or a list of 100 things you should never say at work. People are always looking for content that can help them solve problems and content marketers know this – which is why content marketing should provide information that is focused on your ideal customer’s needs and problems and not the features and benefits of your products and services. Content marketing has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your client. 

3) Content Marketing Makes You Easier To Find

SEO is more than just a trend. 

SEO is a powerful tool that continues to be relevant, despite the hype around social media. A quick glance at numbers shows search drives just as much traffic as social does for now. The best way to drive organic search? Produce good content people want to talk about and link back to!

Content marketing allows you to create valuable, readable content that builds trust with your prospective customers AND builds your ranking through keyword clusters that matter to your brand.  And while you should never create content as a landing page for keywords (content marketing is all about human eyeballs, not web crawler’s), creating posts that solve problems for your customer and tie back to your brand will, by nature, include keyword clusters that will add to your searchability online. Content is by definition, different. It’s also more memorable and sharable than paid ads or offers which means it can be a great tool for building your brand on social media.

If you’re looking to grow a steady stream of traffic and increase conversions then content is the answer! Content Marketing allows you to generate more leads with less work while increasing customer satisfaction and positions you as an expert in your field.  It builds trust with your prospective client by offering value and solutions that go beyond a sales pitch.

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