Dawn Sully Pile

Dawn Pile is a coach for baby boomers and women and needed a site that communicated her unique passions in a professional way. Since Dawn’s clients vary from individuals and families to corporate wellness and human resources professionals, she needed to reach a wide variety of audiences.

This project experienced some false starts and required changing course to achieve our goals of professionalism, consistency, and expression of Dawn’s personality. Through it all, Dawn and I kept our communication open and honest and ended up with a site that we are both proud of. This was a true collaboration!

My new website is receiving rave reviews. I could not be happier with the final design. Chris and I worked in close collaboration to mesh her vision, technology expertise and website design with my vision, writing and photo choices. A specific action plan and timely communication from Chris kept the development moving forward beautifully. Voila! What a delight to share dawnsullypile.com with the world!”

Dawn Sully Pile, Owner

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