Vicki Strull

I confess that when Vicki asked me to redesign her website I was more than a little nervous. After all, Vicki is a wildly talented designer and brand strategist for some very big name clients. After I overcame my initial insecurities [total transparency here!] I eagerly agreed and had a fantastic experience working with Vicki.

She and I collaborated very closely to bring her vision to life. As a graphic designer, Vicki knew what she wanted visually but relied on my web design and digital marketing savvy to translate that vision into a killer website that persuasively communicated her expertise and leadership in her industry. This was a very detail oriented project – lots of Photoshop editing and trial and error to find the perfect layouts and methods to achieve our goals.

How to share the breadth and depth of her experience and knowledge in a way that is compelling, interesting, and encourages interaction? We decide to use case studies that include “hotspots” that pop up extra information tidbits when hovered. This encourages visitors to actively engage with the website and form a subtle subconscious connection with Vicki.

In the end I think we nailed it – together. Vicki and I were, and continue to be, a great collaborative team.

Site features:

  • Interactive “hotspots”
  • Embedded video
  • Shortcut scrolling links for faster navigation

Chris Shull has the ideal mix of strategy, energy, and skill to implement a business’s vision for a beautiful, effective website. She is my go-to web developer, every time!”

Vicki Strull, Design Strategist and Brand Visionary

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