The Process

Want to know how this whole thing works?

My goal is to go from Point A to Point Z in our project in an efficient, orderly way that makes everyone's lives easier. I communicate early and often and provide tools for you to know exactly where we are and what comes next each step of the way. 

This is a general summary of the how the project will flow:

1. Discovery

We will need to understand everything about your company/non-profit, your customers, and your competition. In this phase we ask lots of questions to establish your brand voice, your goals, and your aesthetic preferences.

2. Planning

This phase involves laying out the roadmap for our project together based upon what we learned during the Discovery phase. We will create site maps, content outlines, style templates, and timelines to use during the project.

3. Content Collection

This is your part! You’ll be providing all the content for your site – written copy, images, video etc. based on the plan we created in the preceding phase.

4. Design and Development

This is my part! I'll take all the content you provide and build out an amazing new website that meets the requirements we've outlined in the Discovery and Planning phases.

5. Launch!

Time to go live! Your new website is out there for the world to see. Your website will be equally excellent on all sizes of devices and all modern browsers. I'll provide training for you on all aspects of your website if will be making your own content updates, adding blog posts, etc.

6. Growth and Support

A website is not a "one and done" thing. It needs care, monitoring, security, measuring, and updating. Heyday's Website Care Plans ensure your website is safe and secure, backed up, and fully supported for ongoing health and growth.