WordPress Care Plans

Websites need care and feeding.

Your website is not a "build it and leave it alone" project. Websites need ongoing care to keep them secure, ensure optimal performance, and provide backups if problems crop up. Additionally, your website needs to be analyzed to make sure it is achieving your goals. Based on those measurements and changes in your business and the competitive climate, the content and functionality need to be adjusted and updated regularly to meet changing demands and grow your business.


I offer my Care Plan clients premium cloud hosting on a robust, world-class infrastructure architected with a best-in-class level of performance, uptime, and redundancy. It makes use of advanced caching and content delivery network systems in order to maintain the highest levels of speed and performance. I deal with hosting so you don't have to.

Nightly Site Backups

It is wise (actually imperative) to back up your website daily in case there is a problem and your site needs to be restored to a clean, functioning state. Care Plan clients receive nightly backups (on redundant servers) of all of your files each night to ensure you will always be able to restore in the event of a problem.

Updates to the WordPress core codebase

WordPress goes through regular, sometimes frequent, updates to its base code. Some of these updates add more functionality or enhance the user interface; often these updates also contain patches for security vulnerabilities or unstable code. For Care Plan clients I employ a system that regularly checks your site for available updates, checks them for possible conflicts with your site, then runs the updates to ensure that your site is up-to-date and secure. Critical security updates are handled immediately and in many cases automatically.

SSL Encryption

Secure Socket Layer encryption is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Google recently added SSL encryption to its ranking algorithm and some browsers (i.e. Chrome) are flagging sites without SSL as “insecure” and blocking those websites from visitors. I provide free SSL to all Care Plan clients

CDN Network

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of different hosting servers around the country and around the world that delivers web content to users depending on where the user is located. This speeds up page load times - a positive signal to Google for search rankings and a positive for users who expect speedy page load times. All Care Plan clients websites have access to a CDN as part of the Care Plan.

Uptime Monitoring

Host servers occasionally blip and sometimes problems within a website’s code itself can cause a website to go down. Sometimes a site is hacked or otherwise compromised, despite our security measures. I employ a system that continually monitors the uptime of my Care Plan clients’ sites and notifies me immediately if a site goes down so I can diagnose the problem, solve the problem, and get the site back up as soon as possible.

Plugin and Theme updates

Outdated WordPress code, plugins and themes are hackers’ #1 access point to your site.The WordPress theme and plugins I use go through regular, sometimes frequent, updates to code and become outdated very often (sometimes daily or weekly). Therefore it is critical to constantly monitor and update these items.  I employ a system that regularly checks Care Plan sites for available updates, checks them for possible conflicts with the site, then runs the updates to ensure that the site is up-to-date and secure. Critical security updates are handled immediately and in many cases automatically.

Premium Plugin and Theme licenses

When I build your WordPress site, I make use of premium themes and several premium third-party plugins to add capabilities to your site. For these plugins and themes I pay annual fees. Your Care Plan contract helps me stay current with these licensing fees. If you elect not to enroll in a Care Plan I will advise you as to which of these plugins and themes will require you to purchase your own license. 

Content Updates and Changes

Websites and corresponding social media and email marketing tools regularly need content updated, videos and photos added, specials advertised, blog posts created etc. Premium Care Plans include bundles of time for me to handle your site updates and associated marketing campaigns at a better rate than paying my hourly rate. Services offered include: copywriting for email campaigns, ghost blogging, social media graphics and copy, landing page design and creation, email campaigns, and additions and changes to content and pages on your site.

Broken Site Fixes

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes a site gets hacked despite implementing the most robust security measures. Sometimes a site gets infected with malware. Sometimes a site is compromised and it’s difficult to diagnose exactly what went wrong. In any of these cases, I will restore a Care Plan site and ensure any malware or hacker “leave behinds” are eliminated. If I can diagnose the cause of the problem, I will implement measures to ensure the problem does not happen again.