(But if your friend knew how to deliver tremendous ROI)


I’m Chris Shull, founder of Heyday.

I help businesses like yours go digital, expand beyond referrals, and finally put those worrisome “where are our next big clients coming from?” fears to bed.


Meet heyday

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I know what it takes to fill a pipeline with qualified, can’t-wait-to-buy leads. Because for more than 30 years, I’ve helped clients build effective marketing campaigns, launch websites, and sell stuff. (We’re not just talking logos and color palettes, here. My expertise leads brands into the digital spotlight, positioning them squarely onto their ideal client’s radar.)

But you want to know what really makes me tick…?

  • Putting your expertise to work to generate leads for your business
  • Creating classy, impactful marketing campaigns befitting the subject matter expert you are
  • Brainstorming your marketing plan on the back porch instead of the boardroom
  • When your dog makes a Zoom call cameo

If you think marketing feels stuffy, costly, and soul crushing, you’re not doing it right.

Contact me to discover how fun (and lucrative) getting results really can be.


Marketing that turns perfect strangers into ideal clients.

It’s time to do your marketing right.

Let’s design a plan so you can trade a shaky pipeline for a thriving roster of clients and the bottom line you deserve.