Doer of [most] All The Things

I'm Chris Shull.

I worked in finance, non-profit development, and sales/marketing before learning WordPress design and development on a client project. I loved the combination of strategy and creativity so much that I decided to dive into web design head first.

I am self-taught and love learning new things daily about design, digital marketing, cool tech tools, WordPress, business strategy, and any other fun thing that's out there to know.

Are we a good fit?

My motivation is to provide you with not only an amazing end result that helps you crush your goals, but also with an orderly, enjoyable, and efficient experience throughout the project and beyond.

To do this, it's important that we are on the same page about a few very important things. Check through these items below and if you think these describe you, we might be a match made in heaven!

Budget for Excellence

Excellence does not come cheap. The investment for a Heyday website is not the most expensive in the market, for sure. But neither is it the least. 

Commitment to follow the process

Creating an amazing website that meets your goals is a very linear, sequential, and collaborative endeavor, therefore it is critical that we follow a proven process throughout the project.


My best work is achieved when I am considered part of your team and trusted to have your best interests at heart. If you are looking for a "vendor" who will build you a website in exchange for a paycheck, we are not a good fit.

Smile. Be Nice.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and most of them I would consider friends. It's super important that we are respectful and friendly with each other. We offer grace when it's needed. And we laugh. Grumpy people not allowed!

Dedication to the timeline

Creating, collecting, and curating content is the responsibility of the client. This does require time and work and needs to be completed within a set timeframe. Make sure you are prepared to set aside that time before embarking on this project!